From Ecclesiastes 8:1-13, “Life’s Not Fair”

vs 12-13: “In the end, it will not go well for the wicked.”
“Remember, God always has the long view in sight, and we must as well. God is sovereign, and He is good.”
“We have no salvation is there is no injustice. There has been no greater injustice – EVER – than Jesus’ death on our behalf.”

-Jon Anderson


And from Ecclesiastes 6:1-6, 9:7-10, & I Timothy 6:6, “The Good Life of Contentment”

“Divine approval is the key to true contentment.”
“Busy, busy, busy always equals empty, empty, empty.”
“Contentment is the willingness, the readiness, to pursue God in the place He has put us.”
To learn contentment, you must:
Resist- the struggle for MORE
Rest- Not on your own merit but on the righteousness and work of another
Reset- Your attention onto God

-Wade Coleman


From Ecclesiastes 5:10-20, “The Unhappy Business of Finance”

“If anything is worse than the addiction money brings, it is the emptiness it leaves.” – Derek Kidner
“It’s not about the money you have; it’s about how your heart interacts with it… Money is not a savior; it is only a servant in the kingdom of God… God has the solution to your money problem: He saves, He gives, and He takes care of His people… Our cravings always exceed our supply… Live with a generous heart, because you have a generous God.”

Men’s breakfast in November will be held at the Thomasson’s farm at 15000 OSR in Hearne. Breakfast will be served at 8:30, with pistol and skeet shooting to follow. Several of us will be camping there the night before (Friday, Nov 13th), and all are welcome to join us!


From Ecclesiastes 4:4-12, “Two are better than one”

“Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is only half a sorrow.”
“We were made, not to go it alone, but to go together in the honoring of Christ.”
“It is purposed relationship that works in a church.”




THIS SATURDAY, from 10am till 8pm, drop by and join the WPC Iron Chefs at the Texas Reds Steak and Grape Festival in downtown Bryan! Admission is free, friends of Westminster will receive free food at our tent, and we will be showing the Aggie football game on site!! Feel free to swing by whenever you can, and of course, families are welcome.

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Don’t forget men’s breakfast at the church each month on the second Saturday. In October, our own Bob Gustafson will be sharing with us!


From Ecclesiastes 2, “Not all fun and games”:

“What part does pleasure – the enjoyment of things and people – play in our lives? Solomon is showing us that Jesus needs to be at the center of our pleasure.”
“Good things, when they become god things, are bad things.”
“Living for yourself is NEVER enough.”
“God-given pleasure is everywhere; but you can’t make pleasure your god.”

-Wade C.

SQoTW is back!

August is here, which means it’s time to start back up with our SQoTW!

From “Keeping the Word”, Revelation 3:7-13 on August 2:

To paraphrase:
“Weakness” and “opposition” are good words to describe our spiritual lives, and these words marked the church in Philadelphia as well. Yet, we see that God was powerfully at work in that place. Vs 8: The “open door” refers to a ministry opportunity that God presents in the midst of their weakness and despite the opposition of those around them. Samuel’s anointing of David is an example of how God’s ways are not our ways; the outward appearance of a church, like Jesse’s sons, does not necessarily indicate the presence (or absence) of God with them.
What is unique about the church in Philadelphia? “You have kept my word.”
The pictures of Jesus at the beginning of each letter in Revelation remind are given to remind the churches (and us) that these commands are not things they need to do in order to gain acceptance, but things to do from the outflow of what they have already received. Their standing is already assured. Because of this, “In the midst of your weakness, and opposition, and trials, serve with joy and take heart.”

-Jon A.



We will be restarting men’s breakfast, book studies, and sermon quotes of the week for this fall in August. The book for the fall study will be Psalms, and we will be examining 3 questions for each Psalm that we review:
-How do we understand this Psalm in relation to the writer and/or original audience?
-How do we understand this Psalm as it applies to me today?
-How does this Psalm apply to Jesus? Does it have a Messianic interpretation?

Also, to make things easier for you to organize and keep track of, we will stop using the calendar function on this page, and instead use a shared google calendar, which you can subscribe to and link directly to your own iCal, google calendar, outlook, etc. Here are the links to subscribe to the shared calendar:
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We will be taking July off from men’s breakfast, and plan to pick back up in the fall. Thanks to all who participated in the shooting extravaganza at the Thomasson’s!


Once again this week, we’ve got two weeks’ worth of quotes for you…

“The Church and the Triumph of the Lamb” from Revelation 1:1-8:
“The goal of Revelation is not the newness, but the profoundness of Jesus’ victory over us and over the world.”
“The unveiled King, Jesus, is in charge of all of history. Even yours. Therefore, we should be a people of constant praise.”
-Wade C.

“Revelation is a picture book, not a puzzle book. Don’t try to puzzle it out. Don’t become preoccupied with isolated details. Rather, become engrossed in the overall story.” –> Vern Poythress

“The Vision” from Revelation 1:9-20:
“We have a tendency to feed our fears and thereby plunge ourselves into darkness and despair. We do this by focusing only on our circumstances, as though that is the only reality.”
“Jesus didn’t come to take our problems away or downplay them as insignificant; He came to give us a better perspective through a larger view of reality.”
“Don’t feed your fears. Feed on Jesus.”
-Jon A.


Don’t forget – shooting day is coming up soon! Contact John Moehlmann if you are planning to attend.

From last week, “Eternal God for Everyday Life” – Genesis 24:1-67
“We have an eternal God who delights to work in everyday ways.”
“Sometimes God amazes us; but in truth, we should always be amazed by God’s working, even in ordinary, everyday life.”
Because we serve an eternal God working in everyday life, we can:
-Trust our future is secure
-Step into daily life with confidence. “Keep your eyes focused forward – on Jesus – because He has run the race for us already.”
-Know that God is at work in the ordinary

And from this week, “A Better Home” – Genesis 25:7-11, Hebrews 11:13-16
“Our satisfaction with this life is not found in the length of our earthly days, but in the hope of our eternal identity.”
“Our goal is not to exemplify Abraham, but rather to exemplify the God of Abraham.”
“Doubts can be an enemy to our soul, but they’re not too large for the bigness of our God.”
-Wade C.


“Glimpses of Reality” from Genesis 23:

“One of our challenges is keeping our focus on God who walks us, not around our trials, but through our trials.”
“God’s promises hold fast all the way to the grave… and beyond.”
“A steady faith focuses on God, even in the midst of life’s trials.”
“Faith doesn’t insulate us from the struggles and griefs of life; it’s what He uses to strengthen us through them.”
“The good news for us is that we don’t need to haggle; God has already bartered the deal for us, at the cost of the blood of His own Son.”

-Wade C.

SQoTW – 5/10/15

“The things that compete with God for our trust are usually good things, in and of themselves.”
“We confront idolatry and its tests with a trust that runs in His revealed truths.”
“God was not after the death of Isaac; He was after the life of Abraham.”
Take home points:
-You WILL be tested.
-God tests us to mature us.
-God must have NO RIVAL in your life.
-God is committed to helping you love Him most; He wants you to love HIM more than you love His good gifts.

-Wade C.