Men’s Breakfast Update

A brief refresher of this month’s men’s breakfast, in case you missed it:
Chris Peterson​ spoke on the need to define manhood as part of setting goals for your family. The ideas grew out of a study several men did on the book “Raising a Modern Day Knight” by Robert Lewis. Copies of the book will be available for anyone interested in reading it. On to the good stuff…

Setting goals includes:
1 – A vision statement (i.e., the definition)
2 – Objectives to accomplish that vision
3 – Training to meet those objectives

The definition of manhood as it was proposed:

As this relates to training our children, Chris spoke of four ways to effectively train:
1- Set a Godly example
2 – Teach spiritual truth
3 – Share stories (personal examples)
4 – Affirmation, attention, and discipline

We’ll be exploring these things more in depth at future men’s breakfasts, so please make plans to attend! They are at 8am on the second Saturday of each month.


From Ecclesiastes 5:10-20, “The Unhappy Business of Finance”

“If anything is worse than the addiction money brings, it is the emptiness it leaves.” – Derek Kidner
“It’s not about the money you have; it’s about how your heart interacts with it… Money is not a savior; it is only a servant in the kingdom of God… God has the solution to your money problem: He saves, He gives, and He takes care of His people… Our cravings always exceed our supply… Live with a generous heart, because you have a generous God.”

Men’s breakfast in November will be held at the Thomasson’s farm at 15000 OSR in Hearne. Breakfast will be served at 8:30, with pistol and skeet shooting to follow. Several of us will be camping there the night before (Friday, Nov 13th), and all are welcome to join us!


There are still slots open for our golf tournament this Saturday, May 9th. Let Mike McDonald know if you are interested in playing. Tee times start at 9:00 am and the cost is only $15. We will eat together after the round for awards and heckling!


From last Sunday:

“Patience in the Christian life is mandatory. Faith isn’t faith if you’re not waiting.”
“If you are worried that something you might do would thwart God’s good plan for you, remember – God can even overcome the obstacle of YOU.”
“Do you struggle with the moments when you see someone else receiving the blessing that you want and have been waiting for? God is not in the business of forgetting; He is using the wait and struggle to work deeply on your faith. Entrust yourself and your waiting days to the Lord.”

-Wade C.

Playing catchup

We’ve got a few weeks to catch up on, so here goes:

From 3/8, Smoking What? (Wade)
“In the midst of your doubts, remember and rely on God’s promises.”
“God’s promise to Abram was about a people and a place. His promise to us is also about a people (God’s family) and a place (heaven).”
“God promises to keep His part of the covenant, and He swears to keep OUR part of the covenant too. There’s the commitment of your God.”

From 3/15, The Crucible of Wait (Wade)
“When you decide to act to help God’s plan move along, you are at the highest risk of creating a mess.”
“God’s timing is never late, even when it seems slow to you.”
“The answer is to turn to God in waiting. Prayer does not depend on our discipline; it depends on our HELPLESSNESS.”

And from 3/22, Confirmation (Jon)
paraphrase: Gen 17:1 – ‘Walk before me and be blameless.’ This is formal covenant language that indicates a pre-existing relationship. Note what follows: ‘My covenant is with you… I have made you… I will make you… I will establish… I give to you… I will be…” Then the sign of the promise follows: circumcision.
“God’s covenant is not about how great Abraham was, it is about how great God is!”


Also, the book study meeting times this month (chapters 4&5 of The Freedom and Power of Forgiveness):
Stanley/Bagnall – March 28th at 7am @ Mi Pueblito’s
McDonald/Peterson – March 29th at 8pm @ Murphy’s Law
Pickard/Ong – April 10th at 6:30am @ Chic fil a in south College Station
Gronberg/Hood – TBD

And, the next men’s breakfast will be April 11th at 8am at the church.

Last, but not least, some food for thought this week. This was posted on facebook by Tim Hoke, WPC’s missionary in Kampala, Uganda, though he is not the author. Well worth the read…

Witchdoctors, Football, and Understanding Africa
“Recently an electrician (who is also our good friend) was working on our fuse box.

I was in the next room, and suddenly I heard him cry out in pain. Thinking he had shocked himself, I quickly asked him what was wrong.

He chuckled a bit. He held out both his hands for me to see. One was dramatically more swollen than the other.

Our friend is a leader in his church. He’s in his late 30’s, and he’s a strong guy. “Well, in church on Sunday, there was this woman with a lot of problems,” he explained. “She had a demon. Before I knew it, she pushed back my hand so hard that it swelled up like this.” He casually added, “It took 5 men to hold her down.” Three days later, his hand was still swollen.

Just an ordinary Sunday in a Tanzanian church. Our friend isn’t even Pentecostal.

A couple of weeks ago, Gil went to a football game at the national stadium with one of our former students. The game was between two rival club teams, and almost all of the 60,000 seats were filled. Tension was high. This game was a very big deal.

The buzz was that a lot of witchcraft had been performed before this game. And, apparently, during the game. This is not a team mascot or an over-zealous fan. This is a witchdoctor.

The teams took this very seriously. One team was so nervous about this that they made a large banner for protection–their own talisman. The goal keeper tried to hang it in his goal until the officials made him take it down.

So what do we do with this notion that there are supernatural spirits out there who can influence a person’s health, a person’s safety, or even the outcome of a football game? That these spirits can inhabit a person’s body and make her stronger than 5 grown men?

For those of us from the western world, fully indoctrinated in empiricism and rationalism, we simply don’t know what to make of this. I’m from the “non-charismatic” side of Christianity. I also am, by nature, an extremely skeptical person. So….are we going to claim that it’s all in their heads? That this is all a joke? That they just need to be educated?

Spend a few years in Africa, and even the most rational among you may be convinced otherwise.

Meet our friends Mark and Alyssa, who had 17 snakes appear in their house, out of nowhere. Or spend some time at an African mission hospital, where they have “prayer doctors” for those patients who are ill with sicknesses that defy modern medicine. Or talk to our friend “Mary,” who lost two sons at exactly 9 months old for unknown reasons, until she renounced her witchdoctor mother and turned to Jesus. Or meet a Tanzanian albino, who daily fears for his life because (wealthy, educated) people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for his body parts.

You cannot understand Africa until you understand this worldview. You cannot understand African politics, African poverty, African culture, and even the African Church until you understand animism.

In the same way, you can’t understand American culture until you understand that we are equally locked in empiricism and rationalism. Seeing is believing. Nothing is fact unless it can be proved by “science.” Anything else is shoved up in the category of “values” and is therefore personal, irrational, and undependable. This is the very philosophy that seeks to destroy Christianity in America. But haven’t we, as Christians, even allowed it to seep into our own thinking? Sure, Satan is real. Demons are real. But they aren’t actually going to manifest themselves, right?

I understand that there needs to be balance. I’m not saying that everyone with problems needs to be exorcised, or that there’s a demon in the sound system when it doesn’t work. The African Church needs to root out the superstition and Prosperity Gospel that seeks to permeate it; the American Church needs to root out it’s unequivocal trust in science and medicine.

Let us learn from one another. And remember that our struggle is not against flesh and blood.”
-Amy Medina

Sermon Quote of the Week

“There is no one who is beyond the reach of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray for all people because we all share the same need of the gospel; the gospel motivates our praying.”

Sermon application for this week:
1- Pray for conversions of souls into God’s kingdom; pick a person and pray for their soul by name
2- Consider your participation in our upcoming day of prayer; be thoughtful about how you will participate
3-Prepare for this week’s day of prayer by focusing your attention on the gospel
4- Pray BIG and BOLD


Men, feel free to join us at Los Cucos in Bryan tonight for the Monday night football game between the Chiefs and Patriots. We’ll be there from 7pm until the end of the game. Hope to see you there!

Sermon Quotes of the Week

Here’s another two-fer for your enjoyment:

“The strength of your faith is not nearly as important as the OBJECT of your faith.”

“The worst thing for a good conscience is to NOT get caught.”


Please remember to come out and visit the WPC Iron Chefs at Texas Reds in downtown Bryan tomorrow. They will have a booth set up under the name “The Bosch Brothers” from 9am till 9pm. There will be steak and sodas for your enjoyment while they last. Bring the whole family!

Men’s Breakfast

Don’t forget we will be having men’s breakfast Saturday, September 13th, at 8am in the church fellowship hall. We will be kicking off our fall book study and discussing the fall’s upcoming events. We also have the opportunity to help spread mulch around the playground equipment, so if you have time, come dressed to help. We’ll see you there!
The first of the team book study meeting times have been posted to the events section of the website. Be sure to check back as more locations and times are still to come!

WPC Men’s Breakfast Open

This Saturday is The WPC Men’s Breakfast Open! We’ll be meeting at the church at 7:30 am for a quick breakfast and speaker, then shuttling over to Briarcrest CC to check in for golf! The church is contributing half the cost, so your cost will be $26.50, payable when we check in. This includes range balls, green fees, and a cart. We’ll have a shotgun start at 9am, so expect to finish around 1pm. Lunch will be available at the clubhouse for purchase if you want to stick around and eat together afterwards. Look forward to seeing y’all there!!