March Madness!!

March Madness is upon us! Check out our group at
Group name: Men of Westminster
Password: westmisters
Invite your friends!! Fame and fortune for the winner!!!

Men’s Breakfast Update

A brief refresher of this month’s men’s breakfast, in case you missed it:
Chris Peterson​ spoke on the need to define manhood as part of setting goals for your family. The ideas grew out of a study several men did on the book “Raising a Modern Day Knight” by Robert Lewis. Copies of the book will be available for anyone interested in reading it. On to the good stuff…

Setting goals includes:
1 – A vision statement (i.e., the definition)
2 – Objectives to accomplish that vision
3 – Training to meet those objectives

The definition of manhood as it was proposed:

As this relates to training our children, Chris spoke of four ways to effectively train:
1- Set a Godly example
2 – Teach spiritual truth
3 – Share stories (personal examples)
4 – Affirmation, attention, and discipline

We’ll be exploring these things more in depth at future men’s breakfasts, so please make plans to attend! They are at 8am on the second Saturday of each month.


From Ecclesiastes 5:10-20, “The Unhappy Business of Finance”

“If anything is worse than the addiction money brings, it is the emptiness it leaves.” – Derek Kidner
“It’s not about the money you have; it’s about how your heart interacts with it… Money is not a savior; it is only a servant in the kingdom of God… God has the solution to your money problem: He saves, He gives, and He takes care of His people… Our cravings always exceed our supply… Live with a generous heart, because you have a generous God.”

Men’s breakfast in November will be held at the Thomasson’s farm at 15000 OSR in Hearne. Breakfast will be served at 8:30, with pistol and skeet shooting to follow. Several of us will be camping there the night before (Friday, Nov 13th), and all are welcome to join us!



THIS SATURDAY, from 10am till 8pm, drop by and join the WPC Iron Chefs at the Texas Reds Steak and Grape Festival in downtown Bryan! Admission is free, friends of Westminster will receive free food at our tent, and we will be showing the Aggie football game on site!! Feel free to swing by whenever you can, and of course, families are welcome.

Don’t forget to check out our shared calendar for upcoming events and book study time / locations at:

We are trying to import the calendar to this website to make it a one stop shop for men’s ministry updates, but currently having some technical difficulties. I’ll let you know when we figure it out.

Don’t forget men’s breakfast at the church each month on the second Saturday. In October, our own Bob Gustafson will be sharing with us!


From Ecclesiastes 2, “Not all fun and games”:

“What part does pleasure – the enjoyment of things and people – play in our lives? Solomon is showing us that Jesus needs to be at the center of our pleasure.”
“Good things, when they become god things, are bad things.”
“Living for yourself is NEVER enough.”
“God-given pleasure is everywhere; but you can’t make pleasure your god.”

-Wade C.



We will be restarting men’s breakfast, book studies, and sermon quotes of the week for this fall in August. The book for the fall study will be Psalms, and we will be examining 3 questions for each Psalm that we review:
-How do we understand this Psalm in relation to the writer and/or original audience?
-How do we understand this Psalm as it applies to me today?
-How does this Psalm apply to Jesus? Does it have a Messianic interpretation?

Also, to make things easier for you to organize and keep track of, we will stop using the calendar function on this page, and instead use a shared google calendar, which you can subscribe to and link directly to your own iCal, google calendar, outlook, etc. Here are the links to subscribe to the shared calendar:




Shooting Day – Ladies welcome!

Update on shooting day from John Moehlman:

WEATHER PERMITTING we’ll have the shoot!
  • Plan to arrive at the Thomasson’s place between 8:30-9:00 for orientation, safety procedures, etc. and start at 9:00 and we’ll shoot for a couple of hours or so or until the ammo is expended.
  • Address:  15000 East OSR, Hearne, TX: turn right on OSR at Benchley.
  • Wear hats, sunglasses or protective eye cover, bring bottle water, insect spray etc.
  • If you have shooting ear protectors and/or shooting glasses bring them as well as your own guns and ammo.
  • Guns and ammo in various calibers will be provided;  .22 UP TO .44 Mag.
  • Trap/skeet shooting pending – we’ll know for sure by next week.
  • Ladies are welcome to join us as well! Please remember, though,  it is very important that there be no children attending.
It will be helpful for planning purposes if you will let me know by return email who will be coming.  Email me at or call me on my cell- 777-2840.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Looking forward to a ‘bang up’ time!

Westminster Invitational 2015

Ready for action!

Ready for action!

The golf course was kind enough to give us our own space for a tailgate right at the turn!

Game face

Game face

Although the weather threatened us early, the worst of it was a bit of thunder without lightning, so we were able to play without interruption.

Duck duck

Duck duck

We enjoyed not only the weather, as it turned out quite nice by the end of the day, but also the scenery.

Oh yeah!

Oh yeah!

Special thanks to Chris and Charles for cooking us up a feast… pork chops, Mexican street corn, and smoked potatoes!!

Kudos to our scramble winners, Ben Hailey, Scott Bennett, Derek Merritt, and Tucker Gallagher! Congratulations also go out to Longest Drive winner Scott Bennett and Closest to the Pin winner Brandon Spears. Well done guys!


There are still slots open for our golf tournament this Saturday, May 9th. Let Mike McDonald know if you are interested in playing. Tee times start at 9:00 am and the cost is only $15. We will eat together after the round for awards and heckling!


From last Sunday:

“Patience in the Christian life is mandatory. Faith isn’t faith if you’re not waiting.”
“If you are worried that something you might do would thwart God’s good plan for you, remember – God can even overcome the obstacle of YOU.”
“Do you struggle with the moments when you see someone else receiving the blessing that you want and have been waiting for? God is not in the business of forgetting; He is using the wait and struggle to work deeply on your faith. Entrust yourself and your waiting days to the Lord.”

-Wade C.


Don’t forget! The 2nd annual WPC Golf Invitational is coming up on May 9th. Let Mike McDonald (, 979-777-4818) know if you are interested in playing. Please invite friends from outside WPC as well! We want this to be an opportunity to introduce others in our community to WPC in a non-threatening, informal way.


On to the better stuff:

“We not only do unhealthy things, we do sinful things when faced with pressure.”
Some paraphrasing here, but lots of good stuff:
Abraham’s desire to protect himself put a lot of people around him in danger. It wasn’t the world’s sin that put Abraham in danger – Abraham’s sin puts the world in danger. Sometimes when we sin, self-protect, and live untrusting in God’s truths, we are a threat to our neighbor.
God intervenes with Abimilech first: “It is only my grace that you haven’t done this awful thing.”
The central question of the text is in vs 10: “Abraham, what did you see? What were you looking at?” Abraham’s answers reveal his heart, full of faith and full of failure:
-There is no fear of God in this place (doubting God’s sovereignty)
-Because Sarah is technically my sister (shaping and spinning facts, withholding truth)
-We’ve always done it this way

Why do we spin facts? We are scared, and our hearts’ first reaction is to protect ourselves. It is always a good idea when God intervenes for us, but it’s NEVER a good idea when we intervene for God.
Are you ever scared? Do you self protect? Do you live as if God is not sovereign in certain situations? Do you spin facts to protect yourself? Do you do it because you’ve always done it this way?

-Ben H.

Odds and Ends

First off, congratulations are in order for Charles Ackerman, winner of the March Madness Tournament Challenge!

Secondly, if you are interested in playing in a co-ed adult soccer league this summer, talk to Alex Sullins (

Also, in lieu of men’s breakfast for May, we will be having our 2nd annual WPC Golf Invitational on Saturday, May 9th. Feel free to invite your friends – this is not just for WPC members / attenders. Details will be announced soon!

We are currently reading chapters 6 and 7 of The Freedom and Power of Forgiveness. Book study meeting times are on the calendar and in the bulletin.

Maybe I should start calling this Sermon Quote of the Month… I’ll try to do better…

“Wordliness, according to the Bible, is a great danger, and none of us are immune to it.”
“Whenever our soul is tormented by the things of the world, we need to be reminded to listen, so as not to drift toward the world.”
“Don’t linger where God provides escape.”