Final Challenge

The final challenge of the WPC Team Challenge competition is the Holiday Challenge! All your team needs to do is meet together and take a festive holiday photo. On the line for the most creative team photo is a $50 gift card for the winning team to celebrate at La Bodega! Deadline for the final challenge is January 2nd.

Also, we will have our basketball night on Wednesday, Jan 8th. The Aggie men are playing Arkansas at 8pm. A limited number of tickets to the game will be provided, as well as food for a pre-game tailgate. More details to come, but mark your calendars now!! Leave a comment here or contact me if you’re interested in attending.

Upcoming events

Don’t forget this weekend’s itinerary… Come when you can, for however long you are able:

Saturday 8am – men’s breakfast with Tom Peterson

Saturday 9am-noon – church work day (which you CAN use for your team challenge event!)

Sunday 7:30pm – Football viewing at BJ’s brewhouse (next to Chuy’s in the mall parking lot)

See you this weekend!

The Elevation Challenge

Congratulations to Team Generic (aka “Team Smith”) for claiming this week’s challenge prize!
Next up: The Elevation Challenge – Have your team take a photo at the highest elevation you can find! You will be given extra time to complete this challenge, as it may require a bit more planning and preparation than the previous challenges. The deadline for this challenge is Tuesday, October 29th. This gives you a full two weeks to get creative!!

(Keep in mind that whether you are taking pictures or not, the point of the Team Challenge is to encourage you to get in the habit of meeting together with other men regularly. It’s not too late to join or create a team.)

Congratulations Team Fuego!

Congratulations to Team Fuego for winning the first Team Challenge! Their team will receive a $20 gift card to Cold Stone Creamery for their efforts.

For the rest of you, not to worry! You have another chance to win a prize… Here is your next challenge:
Take a picture of your team holding a “230.42”  (Hint: Truman really defeated “him”). The deadline to complete this challenge is midnight on Sunday, October 13th. Challenge #3 will be announced the following day, Monday, October 14th.

Game on!

Men’s Challenge


Don’t forget to send in photos of your team with your team name involved. If you miss the “deadline” for the first challenge, don’t worry – you can still form a team and participate the rest of the fall semester! If you need help finding a team, contact Mike McDonald at or 979-777-4818.

Bonus Point for the Team Challenge!


Westminister’s own Iron Chefs will be competing in the steak competition at the Texas Reds Festival in downtown Bryan this Saturday. One bonus point will be awarded for each Team Challenge team who has a representative visit our booth. The team name is “The Bosch Brothers” and we will be set up just north of the Varisco building in downtown Bryan. Just show up and tell us which team you’re on!

Also, we will have free drinks and snacks available, and if you bring us a piece of meat, we’ll grill it for you with our special sauce! We will be there from 9am until 6pm. See you there!

Team Challenge Information


As we discussed at our breakfast, our plan moving forward is two-fold. First, we will enjoy times of learning and fellowship in large group settings. Second, we will focus on developing deeper relationships by forming teams of smaller numbers of men who will meet together informally but on a regular basis. The Team Challenge is designed to help teams develop the habit of getting together regularly. Here are the Team Challenge rules:

–Men form teams with 3-10 members (a person can only be on one team). Anyone can form their own team, and you can include men of any age on your team (use your discretion when including children). Feel free to invite men from outside WPC to participate. Also, if you need help finding a team but don’t want to start your own, contact Mike McDonald ( or 979-777-4818).

–Challenges will be posted on this website every 1-2 weeks, depending upon the complexity of the challenge and other factors (holidays, etc).

–Each challenge will require a photo of your team to verify completion and award points. Photos can be posted on the Westmisters facebook group page or sent to “photomaster” Charles Ackerman ( or 979-492-8376).

–Points will be awarded on the following basis:
-5 points for a photo of the team completing the challenge
-Up to 5 points for creativity in completion of the challenge
-Three bonus points will be awarded for full team participation; 2 points if one team member is missing; 1 point if 2 team members are missing; No bonus if 3 or more team members are absent

–The team with the most points at the end of each challenge period will win a prize
–A grand prize will be awarded to the team with the most points overall at the end of the Team Challenge in December, as well as prizes for the 2nd and 3rd place teams!


The first challenge is simple: create or join a team, and take a picture that includes your team’s name in some fashion. The only restriction is that your team cannot meet for your picture at church on Sunday. The deadline to complete this challenge is midnight, September 30th.

The next challenge will be announced October 1st.