Men’s Breakfast Update

A brief refresher of this month’s men’s breakfast, in case you missed it:
Chris Peterson​ spoke on the need to define manhood as part of setting goals for your family. The ideas grew out of a study several men did on the book “Raising a Modern Day Knight” by Robert Lewis. Copies of the book will be available for anyone interested in reading it. On to the good stuff…

Setting goals includes:
1 – A vision statement (i.e., the definition)
2 – Objectives to accomplish that vision
3 – Training to meet those objectives

The definition of manhood as it was proposed:

As this relates to training our children, Chris spoke of four ways to effectively train:
1- Set a Godly example
2 – Teach spiritual truth
3 – Share stories (personal examples)
4 – Affirmation, attention, and discipline

We’ll be exploring these things more in depth at future men’s breakfasts, so please make plans to attend! They are at 8am on the second Saturday of each month.



THIS SATURDAY, from 10am till 8pm, drop by and join the WPC Iron Chefs at the Texas Reds Steak and Grape Festival in downtown Bryan! Admission is free, friends of Westminster will receive free food at our tent, and we will be showing the Aggie football game on site!! Feel free to swing by whenever you can, and of course, families are welcome.

Don’t forget to check out our shared calendar for upcoming events and book study time / locations at:

We are trying to import the calendar to this website to make it a one stop shop for men’s ministry updates, but currently having some technical difficulties. I’ll let you know when we figure it out.

Don’t forget men’s breakfast at the church each month on the second Saturday. In October, our own Bob Gustafson will be sharing with us!


From Ecclesiastes 2, “Not all fun and games”:

“What part does pleasure – the enjoyment of things and people – play in our lives? Solomon is showing us that Jesus needs to be at the center of our pleasure.”
“Good things, when they become god things, are bad things.”
“Living for yourself is NEVER enough.”
“God-given pleasure is everywhere; but you can’t make pleasure your god.”

-Wade C.

Softball update

The Standards’ softball game tonight has been cancelled! If you were planning to attend, maybe you should stay home and build a fire instead.  🙂  The game has been rescheduled for April 14th at 8:15pm.

Tomorrow night

One minor change in the plan… TOMORROW IS STILL basketball night – I hope you’re ready! Unfortunately, the Reed Arena parking lot doesn’t open until 7, so we will meet for our tailgate at 6:30 in the Allen Building parking lot (directly adjacent to the George Bush Library; copy and paste 30.59821,-96.352479 into google maps for directions). Come hungry, as we’ll be having Chuy’s cater the tailgate!
If you can make it to the game but not the tailgate, meet us outside the main ticket office at the NORTH entrance at 7:40 to get your ticket. We still have tickets available, so bring a friend!
Let me know if you have any other questions…

Mikie Update

Hey, guys. Jessica here, hacking the men’s website because Mike is excited about what’s going on and wanted me to give you an update.

Clinic day will be on Saturday, but Mike, Shireen, and the Ugandan nurse Esther will be busy organizing all week. Today they were able to order most of the medicines that they anticipate needing, and from the hospital pharmacy – which means that they will be able to pay the wholesale discounts for the meds that the hospital receives. The clinic will treat primarily women and children, and Esther has people posting flyers in the neighborhood. The chairman of the neighborhood rode through the streets today with a bullhorn announcing the clinic (!), so Mike is expecting even more patients than last year (400+!) and is trying to plan accordingly as he orders medication. There are at least 2 other clinicians that work with Esther that have volunteered to work with Mike the whole day on Saturday… and there’s a possibility that even more will work with us. Esther has procured the use of an ultrasound machine, and Mike is also excited to be able to offer pregnancy, HIV, and malaria tests. The location is different than last year’s… they will be using the facilities of a church that is pastored by an ABU graduate.

Overall, they are in really good shape as they plan for Saturday’s clinic. Mike is so appreciative for your prayers and is amazed at how God is preparing everything for him. Join me in giving thanks for Esther, the Ugandan nurse who loves the Lord and is doing so much to make this clinic possible.