SQoTW is back!

August is here, which means it’s time to start back up with our SQoTW!

From “Keeping the Word”, Revelation 3:7-13 on August 2:

To paraphrase:
“Weakness” and “opposition” are good words to describe our spiritual lives, and these words marked the church in Philadelphia as well. Yet, we see that God was powerfully at work in that place. Vs 8: The “open door” refers to a ministry opportunity that God presents in the midst of their weakness and despite the opposition of those around them. Samuel’s anointing of David is an example of how God’s ways are not our ways; the outward appearance of a church, like Jesse’s sons, does not necessarily indicate the presence (or absence) of God with them.
What is unique about the church in Philadelphia? “You have kept my word.”
The pictures of Jesus at the beginning of each letter in Revelation remind are given to remind the churches (and us) that these commands are not things they need to do in order to gain acceptance, but things to do from the outflow of what they have already received. Their standing is already assured. Because of this, “In the midst of your weakness, and opposition, and trials, serve with joy and take heart.”

-Jon A.