From Ecclesiastes 8:1-13, “Life’s Not Fair”

vs 12-13: “In the end, it will not go well for the wicked.”
“Remember, God always has the long view in sight, and we must as well. God is sovereign, and He is good.”
“We have no salvation is there is no injustice. There has been no greater injustice – EVER – than Jesus’ death on our behalf.”

-Jon Anderson


And from Ecclesiastes 6:1-6, 9:7-10, & I Timothy 6:6, “The Good Life of Contentment”

“Divine approval is the key to true contentment.”
“Busy, busy, busy always equals empty, empty, empty.”
“Contentment is the willingness, the readiness, to pursue God in the place He has put us.”
To learn contentment, you must:
Resist- the struggle for MORE
Rest- Not on your own merit but on the righteousness and work of another
Reset- Your attention onto God

-Wade Coleman