Sermon Quotes of the Month – September

From John 11:45-13:17

“When the world seeks to overthrow God’s plan, they always play right into it.”
“Judas couldn’t fool Jesus. And neither can you.”
“We, like Mary, should lose sight of ourselves by our high view of Jesus.”

“The heart of the Gospel is the overthrow of ME.”
“We won’t understand true glory until we see the glory of living to please God rather than men.”
“We don’t work FOR the favor of God; we work FROM the favor of God.”

Belief and unbelief often war within us, and frequently the struggle is because of our desire for autonomy – SELF RULE.
“God is obligated to save none. He is gracious to save many.”
“Despite all the signs that Jesus performed, many still would not believe; the ONLY thing that changes hearts is the work of the Spirit through the power of the cross and resurrection.”
“When you are struggling with your doubts and sins, run TO the cross, not away from it.”
“John, in his gospel, wants us to remember to keep first things first. And the first thing is BELIEF.”