Sermon Quotes of the Month – October

From John 12-14:

“Peter had more confidence in his own loyalties to Jesus than he had in Jesus’ loyelty to him; Peter’s problem was that he trusted himself and his own abilities, rather than trusting Jesus and His ability.”
“The story of Peter is a reminder that Jesus is bigger than our failures; but also that Jesus will deal with and refine our failures.”
“The loyalty of Christ WILL NOT forsake you.”

“The main purpose of John 14-17 is Jesus’ opening statement, ‘Let not your hearts be troubled.’ This is primarily done by BELIEVING. Jesus then proceeds to explain WHY our hearts should not be troubled.”
1 – “The Father is not distant; He is here now. The Father and Son are present with us because the Spirit is here.”
2 – “The work of the kingdom continues.”
3 – “We will continue to have access to Jesus.”

“Jesus draws us near to the Father by the work of the Spirit.”
By the Spirit, Jesus gives us:
1 – Advocacy, not accusation
2 – Adoption, not abandonment
3 – Acceptance, not anxiety
“Our acceptance is based on His promises, not our actions.”
“The anxieties of our hearts are a good barometer of what we are trusting.”
“When your heart is struggling and divided, sin will tell you that you are alone. Jesus is telling the disciples and reminding us that we are not alone.”
“When you feel ill at ease and without peace, you need to recalibrate your inner compass, to reorient your heart’s dependence on Christ.”